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Women's Backpack The Material Used
Jul 13, 2017

Women's Backpack The material used

Spring is the best season to get close to nature, to start a good use and carrying a comfortable outdoor travel backpack is necessary, then how to buy the right backpack it, as we introduce the characteristics and types of outdoor travel backpack.

First, the characteristics of outdoor travel backpack

1, backpack used materials after waterproofing, and very wearable.

2, backpack backband wide and thick, and there is the weight of the belt to share the backpack.

3, large backpack has support the body of the aluminum frame or aluminum frame, a small backpack back support the body of the hard sponge or plastic plate.

4, backpack often marked on the use of signs, such as MADE FOR ADVENTURE (designed for adventure), OUTDOOR PRODUCTS (outdoor products) and so on.

Second, the type of outdoor travel backpack

1, mountaineering bag

There are two categories, one is the volume between 50-80 liters between the big backpack; the other is the volume of 20-35 liters between the small backpack, also known as "assault package". Large mountaineering bag is mainly used for mountaineering in mountaineering materials, small mountain climbing package is generally used for high altitude climbing or assault peak. Like the dry ducks outdoor travel backpack is particularly suitable for "assault package" light and durable, if necessary, can also become an emergency rope, to deal with unexpected situations.

Outdoor travel backpack in the mountaineering special backpack is to cope with the extreme environment, making elegant and unique, generally thin body, the back of the package according to the natural curve of the body design, so that the body close to the back of the body to reduce the strap on the shoulders pressure. This kind of bag has been waterproof, even in heavy rain will not leak. In addition, mountaineering bags are used for climbing, and other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long journeys are also widely used.

2, travel bag

The big bag is similar to the mountaineering bag but the body shape is different, the front of the travel bag can be opened through the zipper, very conducive to pick and place things, unlike the mountaineering bag is usually from the top of the package to the items into the package. Small travel bag a wide range, must choose to carry a comfortable, and not only pay attention to appearance. Dry ducks outdoor travel backpack, is carrying a comfortable, can reduce the burden of unloading.

3, dedicated bicycle bag

Divided into two types of hanging and backpack. Hanging bag can either carry, can also be wrapped in a bicycle before or after the shelves. Backpacking is mainly used for bicycles where high speed cycling is required. Bicycle packs are equipped with reflective light reflector to ensure the safety of the night ride.

4, backpack package

This package consists of a package body and an external aluminum alloy shelf. Used to bear the larger volume, not easy to load backpack items, such as photography box, gas tank and so on. In addition, many backpacks are often marked on the signs for which sports.

Which kind of outdoor travel backpack, mainly based on the participation of outdoor activities to choose, dry ducks outdoor travel backpack, especially for travel, light and durable, stylish, medium and small models for choice.

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