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Women's Backpack Relieve Pressure
Oct 18, 2017

Women's Backpack relieve pressure

This year, the influx of people is to go out of the gas field, sold Meng Even if the bag and then ordinary, but also back enough to have confidence. There are three backpack backpack, the most fashionable back method is what, you know what? Backpack back good, walking on the road not only have enough charm to earn the same rate, but also in a variety of street shooting in the big bend shape it

Back law one: shoulders back

Backpack the most correct way is naturally the shoulders, the weight allocated to the shoulders, reduce stress. In addition to remember to tighten the bag, so that the bag and the back full contact, so as to reduce the pressure of the school bag gradually dispersed. And from the fashion point of view, this vest the most Vintage retro.

Back method two: shoulder back

Shoulder backpack not only can not be a good weight on the shoulders, and will give one of the shoulder decorated a lot of heavyweight pressure on your shoulder can be described as miserable. But the shoulder is very fashionable personality, if the bag is not very heavy and very need to concave shape, then on the shoulder it, this is the street shoot up the most popular back law Oh ~ back law three: hand carry

It is well known that one of the practicality of the shoulder bag is to help us carry more items, to provide us with convenience, hand bag carrying bags may really damage the shoulder bag carry bag Oh! (Slightly tell you, if you choose is the shoulders, how to carry will not damage the tape Oh ~) But still just that sentence, if the bag is really very light, carrying hands and why not, after all, chic Fashion ~ shoulder bag two years are particularly fire, a good shoulder bag not only high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade, is also very practical. Now the shoulder bag material is not limited to the fabric, zipper fabric, leather shoulder bag also much popular like, shoulder bag wholesale manufacturers luggage to tell you, the advantages and disadvantages of leather bag shoulder bag, so you better buy shoulder bag The

First, the shoulder bag wholesale manufacturers to tell you the advantages of cortical materials

1, cortex shoulder bag off the beautiful, and now the designer combined with the most popular contemporary design, so that the leather shoulder bag looks more upscale. All kinds of popular elements to add, it is icing on the decals.

2, scrub more convenient, when our shoulder bag get stains, as long as the use of hot towels, plus cleaning agent, you can also the original appearance of your bag.

3, hard cortical shoulder wrapped plastic, cloth shoulder bag looks quite a bit flat, but the leather shoulder bag can be better statue, so that the appearance of the more beautiful look out of color. Second, the shoulder bag wholesale manufacturers to tell you the shortcomings of cortical materials

1, intolerant friction, their own back when the shoulder bag to be particularly careful, once scratched, you can not recover, leaving traces. If the long backpack, shoulder strap where easy "molting". This is also a shoulder bag wholesale manufacturers - luggage, choose to use zipper material to do one of the reasons for the shoulder bag.

2, the general leather shoulder bag shoulder strap is not strong, easy to fall off. So choose their own shoulder bag when the best choice for the quality of the point.

3, the texture of the leather shoulder bag will be very hard, so when the custody, try to keep well, so as not to change, affecting our beautiful mood.

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