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School Bags Use Different Materials
Aug 25, 2017

School Bags Use different materials

If you are preference for mini-packet of people, hot summer and worry can not bring all the carry-on objects, do not worry, and then take a big bag back to solve the problem, so double back not only your problem into Solution, but also in the visual enrichment of your modeling level, do not give up one, walk in the cutting-edge trend, are back out of the street it.

Any style can choose double material

 No matter what kind of package you love, you can find with the program, shoulder bag, diagonal package, clutch can be the trick is that you want to mix the difference between the two. Of course, the material is also need to be considered, even if the color of the same material is different, but also take a sense of hierarchy, if you choose the same material, it would be a waste of concave shape a good opportunity.

The new package with the color balance of good balance

 Many It Bag have launched a unique style of the bag, whether it is perfume bottle or McDonald's cone, now mobile phone or ipad protective cover can go out, with a simple package models, compared to the shape of fun up with character. In addition, do not forget the trade-off between the double bag and the coordination between the clothes, the color of the package can be extended from the clothes or contrast color, the style of the bag and the clothes should not be too different.

 Tide package double back with the proposal


 Package models can be different types, the same color can also play the size of the difference, in addition, you can use different materials tide package, build your own sense of modeling level.

 Recommendation II

 Choose a Trolltech bag or digital product protective cover, and then carry a large size of the package with a large amount of money, the tide of the immediate, banana jacket plus a chain with a yellow Messenger bag, the streets you most eye The

If you become a professional person in an industry, you must understand some of the industry's terminology. The design industry, the terminology will not be missing is the proportion of gold, gold ratio is also called gold split, commonly used in life and artistic creation, and bag design using the rules is very extensive. Gold ratio, also known as the golden law, refers to the various parts of the mathematical relationship between the proportion of the whole is divided into two, the larger part and the smaller part of the ratio, equal to the overall ratio of the larger part of the ratio of about 1 : 0.618 or 0.618: 1, that is, long paragraph for the full section of the 0.618,0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetic proportion of the number of figures, so called the golden section. Golden division is considered to be the ideal proportion of architecture and art. Architects are particularly interested in the number 0.618, whether it is the ancient Egyptian pyramids, or the Notre Dame de Paris, or the French Eiffel Tower in the last century, there are data related to 0.618. Golden section and the width of the majority of doors and windows is also 0.618; also, in the ancient Greek temple design used in the golden section.

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