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School Bags Lightweight Information
Jul 31, 2017

School Bags Lightweight information

1, the bag should be light

What brand of student bag is good? Regardless of what brand of school bags, the material to light is the first point, primary school students to carry books and items more in order to avoid the increase in primary school students, bags should try to choose light weight materials, such as student bags, Much lighter than the cortex. In addition, you should avoid the school bag too much metal buckle, because too much metal parts in addition to the weight of the bag, there may be harm to the back.

2, shoulder strap to be wide

Shoulder strap should be wide, help to reduce the pressure on the shoulder bag, and can even spread the weight of the bag; and with the padded shoulder strap can reduce the bag on the trapezius caused by the strain, if the shoulder strap Too young, trapezius muscle will be more susceptible to fatigue.

3, the school bag with a fixed band

There are straps on the bag strap, you can prevent the shoulder straps fall, the other students are more active, there are fixed, the bag will not tamper with, what brand of students bag good? Brand bags with a multi-functional chest buckle, to facilitate student movement.

4, with belt

What brand of student bag is good? Good brands are usually equipped with belts. Use the belt to make the bag closer to the back, the average weight of the bag unloaded in the lumbar bone and bone above. And the belt can be fixed in the waist bag, to prevent the school bag wavering, reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulders. Of the students with a reduced burden on the bag, if you think the bag is too heavy, back up some hard to quickly coupled with the belt, it will feel a lot of light.

First, the characteristics of outdoor travel backpack

1, backpack used materials after waterproofing, and very wearable.

2, backpack backband wide and thick, and have the weight of the belt to share the backpack.

3, large backpack has support the body of the aluminum frame or aluminum frame, the back of the small backpack have support the body of the hard sponge or plastic plate.

4, backpack often marked on the use of signs, such as MADE FOR ADVENTURE (designed for adventure), OUTDOOR PRODUCTS (external products) and so on.

Second, the type of outdoor travel backpack

1, mountaineering bag

There are two categories, one is the volume of 50-80 liters between the big backpack; the other is the volume of 20-35 liters between the small backpack, also known as "assault package". Large mountaineering bag is mainly used for mountaineering in mountaineering materials, small mountain climbing package is generally used for high altitude climbing or assault peak. Like the outdoor travel backpack is particularly suitable for "assault package" light and durable, if necessary, can also become an emergency rope to deal with sudden situation.

Outdoor travel backpack in the mountaineering special backpack is to cope with the extreme environment, making elegant and unique, generally thin body, the back of the package according to the natural curve of the body design, so that the body close to the back of the body to reduce the strap on the shoulders pressure. This kind of bag has been waterproof, even in heavy rain will not leak. In addition, mountaineering bags are used for climbing, and other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long journeys are also widely used.

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