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School Bags Large Capacity
Oct 18, 2017

School Bags large capacity

Grade student bag is a must for students, as many of the necessary tools for students, pick out a good grade bag is necessary. Xiaobian today to tell you how to pick a good book to the child bag.

1, light weight: schoolbag as a tool, of course, can not be too heavy, too heavy bag is simply a burden ah. Texture of thin bags, virtually give the child a lot of burdens. Now just the first grade children's books are important five or six pounds, usually put a cup of umbrella or something, if the bag light weight, then the children, of course, is very negative burden friends

2, fabric: children lively, often play sweating, if the bag of fabric is not healthy and environmentally friendly, it may cause some health problems on the child, and now some of the books on the market although the cool look good, but a variety of Synthetic materials are really wrong for the body, but also pungent taste, for the sake of health, should also choose a good fabric. And then the fabric is very durable, although the health of the bag canvas cloth, but without the use, buy canvas bag you can only become "for the pack up to people," I personally measured, nylon fabric is the best, like military packages Ah what is the use of nylon, or very reasonable.

3, large capacity: capacity to install more books, this point not to repeat, but as a good book bag, it is not only the capacity to large, the bag inside the compartment should be more, I have been a primary school teacher, class Students really drawer chaos, there is no classification of the concept of admission, if the bag can do more compartment, it is undoubtedly a good guide to the children, more layers, good classification, so that children from small to develop a good Habits, farewell lost three. 4, to protect the spine: the child is in the physical development period, if the back of the bag is not thick enough, the design is not enough science, that the whole weight of the bag will be oppressed to the spine, the development of children, good bags, according to ergonomic Plate principle, increase the shoulder area, scientific burden, while the spine at the hollow design, so that air circulation, heat and breathable, so that children will be really comfortable and healthy. There is the best choice to have a buckle design of the bag, because it can make the weight of the bag balance to the various parts of the body, earthquake burden. School bags set reasonable, back again heavy book will not hunchback, vertebral lateral changes, pelvic deformation it!

5, safe reflective: just a simple reflective band, the child's security will be protected. Now, the safety of reflective strips have been listed as one of the necessary items in the bag, and its role in fact, and traffic police service is almost, when the children walk at night, the lights will be reflected on the reflective bag will reflect, so that the vehicle Can be timely to avoid, let the children travel more secure!

6, can be machine wash: children naughty, school bags suddenly become very dirty, and clean and clean bags will give the child's health to bring protection, so the bag can be machine wash, then both to parents to reduce the burden, but also on A child's love!

7, anti-splashing: high density fabric to achieve water repellent, so the water is also a good measure of a bag is one of the key points Oh!

School bag is a child every day to contact things, buy a good book bag, is the best love for children.

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