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School Bags Daily Maintenance
Oct 10, 2017

School Bags Daily maintenance

Cleaning method: every time after the outdoor activities to go home, in time to hollow out all the things in the bag. And then pull all the bags up and down the zipper, cool to dry before recovering, and not after the activities of a home to plug up. Local place first brush with a brush to the dust, and then wash with a neutral detergent, do not use detergent soaked. Such as soap can be used, especially the local cleaning. If it is only some of the dust and sweat, beat, dry on it; if it is soil or rain with the bag, come back with the water brush to dry it, and this situation do not use detergent;

If the bag on the sweat heavier, the bag shoulders part of the detergent with detergent; if it is part of the oil, but also part of the clean-up, if it is difficult to wash the oil, you can try to use the collar part of the local spray some, after a few minutes And then focus on the local cleaning soap can be a; bag commonly used bag cover, home is also a simple clean, the local focus on cleaning only, very thorough cleaning. Such as good bags, do not always clean, regular cleaning will soon let your bag of water repellent performance to reduce a lot, drying to dust on it.

Help on routine cleaning of bag cleaning:

After each event to develop a cool place to dry the habit (activities are home at night, just dry, do not burst), do not put the food or water inside. If not too dirty, do not have to clean each time; rainy days or to the soil more outdoor activities, the best use of rain cover; at the same time do not put the bag free of charge in the place, especially oily place. On the soil and the grass is not related to; garbage bags inside if there is oil and the like food waste, as much as possible with a few garbage bags, do not hang outside the bag to prevent branches hanging bags, oil and water stained bags; It is better to pack up into the bag.

Do not use the washing machine to wash, the bag has a lot of hard materials, there are soft and hard with the structure, worried that there will be a bag of deformation of the situation, do not try to use the washing machine to dry her, because the school bags generally have 1500MM waterproof , Do not quit! Life in the bag, every day home to take a beat, shake flick, to keep clean and tidy; with three or four months later, you can diligent point, take the bag to wash the sun. Travel bag easy to set ash, so regularly with a vacuum cleaner tools such as dust is inevitable. But can not use the brush close to the cloth, so as not to stay in the cloth stolen goods. If the fabric has a dirty point, you can first use the washing water to wash the towel and screw to a little wet, wipe dirty points, can be repeated several times until the clean, and then washed with water towel and twisted to the semi-dry Wipe clean, natural dry can.

How to improve the durability of your schoolbag

Above is said that the package travel clean and tidy work, the following talk about the bag care and daily use of the problem:

1, the bag of fabric and hardware, but if broken can not be repaired, to always prevent sharp objects, the other should pay attention to avoid contact with chemicals.

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