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School Bags Common Bag Prints
Aug 15, 2017

School Bags Common bag prints

Today, each school is popular custom book bundles, at the end of each semester will introduce a new bag. Book customization is to unify the students, and to promote the school's brand, and in the schoolbag printing is the promotion of each school will do the means, how to print the book on the custom? The following three kinds of common school bag printing.

 Way one: paint printing

Book bag custom printing is the cheapest one, directly with the paint in the bag to write, can be handwritten to dry, or machine printing, this way simple and convenient, but there are heavy paint taste, minor children's Poor resistance, there will be some health effects.

Way two: silk screen printing

Printing through the squeegee squeeze, so that the ink through the graphic part of the mesh transferred to the bag, the color can be selected according to the requirements of the school, plate making simple, low cost, strong adaptability.

Way three: embroidery printing

 Book custom embroidery printing, is a Chinese ancient culture. If you choose embroidery printing, in the style also tend to the ancient wind Embroidery is in the needle and thread on the bag for a variety of decorative design, the process pay attention to fine, so the cost will be high.

 Luggage to facilitate life, and inexpensive high quality, is currently widely used in enterprise customization, custom gifts, individual custom and other fields. And personalized gift custom luggage, because it can be printed on the luggage LOGO, and LOGO process through the show, making the luggage more aesthetic with the same time, but also has advertising and commemorative value, but it should be noted that the premise is customized Bags quality is better, can not fade, smell too heavy, off and other defects.

 Custom luggage before the manufacturers to ensure that proofing and do the goods out of the box is the same. Want to customize the quality of the luggage, the previous look to the luggage factory can not be ignored, pre-collect manufacturers information, through the luggage manufacturers set up time, plant size, number of employees, cooperation cases, through the collection of these information, Manufacturers and the quality of the quality of luggage. According to the quality requirements to choose luggage factory. Cargo period is more urgent, to choose the ability to transport the luggage factory. As for the assessment of the price, do not put the price pressure too dead, otherwise the factory will be discounted from the quality to you!

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