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School Bags Applicability Advantage
Sep 05, 2017

School Bags Applicability advantage

What kind of texture is the shoulder bag? Shoulder bag texture has a lot of fabric choice, all kinds of fabrics will determine the different shoulder bag texture, which shoulder bag which texture is good?

Polyester shoulder bag, polyester texture high strength, good elasticity, and wool are somewhat similar. Its own heat resistance, non-hygroscopic. General production of polyester shoulder bag to leisure sports-based, lightweight material thin, waterproof anti-wear, it is not easy to fade. Polyester texture used to do leisure backpack, student backpack, cosmetic bag and so on more.

Nylon shoulder bag

Nylon shoulder bag, nylon texture density is high, the package is strong and flexible, easy to wear easy to clean, but also has a good waterproof effect, strong load he became the first choice for the shoulder bag computer materials. General nylon shoulder bag design to the main color, strong texture and dirt, easy to scratch, anti-aging is all the backpack material in the strongest, sustainable use. Generally used to do high-end backpack, outdoor backpack and cloth trolley case.

Canvas shoulder bag

Canvas shoulder bag, canvas texture to determine the size of the fabric appearance, feel, wear resistance and permeability. Canvas shoulder bag wild type has been the new darling of fashion influx of people, his fashion leisure favored, colorful design let him continue the trend of the front line. But his shortcomings are durable and easy to use fluffy, the general influx of people can use the canvas bag can be exchanged with clothing.

Popular always changing, the texture of each shoulder bag has the meaning of existence, service each of these classes, each style of different people, if you are business gifts, according to these three different shoulder bag material can show you right The gift of product positioning, promotion and positioning of the crowd Oh.

First, the application of shoulder bag advantage to meet the consumer

       As long as the family trip, travel Ye Hao, shopping Ye Hao, shoulder bag figure everywhere. Regardless of men and women are a hand, in the use of the scope also applies to all types of people, and shoulder bag back up more convenient.

Second, the shoulder bag of life to reduce business costs

       Shoulder bag life type to reduce the cost of business, in the same section of the package from the style, material, work on the low, mid-range, high-grade distinction. These personalized customization in the luggage can be arbitrarily assigned, luggage manufacturers are based on the personality of the enterprise to choose to do the custom budget for the enterprise price.

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