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School Bags According To Different Uses
Jul 13, 2017

School Bags According to different uses

With the development of the times people's demand for life, from the previous monotonous style style developed into a variety of styles now a variety of style backpack, but for some companies may be more vague concept for the custom, then as a professional shoulders Backpack manufacturers grace technology for everyone popular about:

According to the different uses, grace technology to backpack is divided into: shoulders computer bag, shoulders backpack, shoulders bag, mountaineering bag, beam rope bag and military backpack and so on.

Different materials can be divided into: canvas, nylon cloth, Oxford cloth, PU, cotton, PVC, leather and so on.

What kind of style for what kind of material, welcome to inquire grace technology. Now many college students or office workers are like casual backpack, back to more comfortable, go out when you can carry some necessities of life, the backpack is more popular on the market luggage style, but also consumers like to bear the style, on the one hand Is the backpack relative to the diagonal package, handbags, etc., to use more comfortable and convenient; on the other hand is relatively large backpack capacity, can load more items. What kind of material can you choose to make casual backpack? 70.jpg

       Different materials, produced by the effect of casual backpack is not the same, and the production of leisure backpack material types are very large, optional leisure backpack material can be divided into three categories, such as fabric, leather and plastic material. The use of cloth materials produced by the leisure backpack material can choose light nylon, strong wearable canvas and Oxford cloth, etc .; can choose PP, ABS, PC and other plastic materials to create leisure backpack; also choose durable crocodile skin and leather, artificial Made leather and other materials produced leisure backpack.

 The production of leisure backpack material is a direct impact on the backpack grade and quality, but the production of leisure backpack process is to determine the quality of the backpack, then you want to produce high-quality leisure backpack, choose the luggage manufacturers is very important, We have established a business deal with the following international brands: Chloe, Samsonite, Versace, Disney, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Tucano, Yonex and the introduction of Japan JUKI and BROTHER and other high-end brand of machinery and equipment, we strictly in accordance with the " Product is equal to character "high standards to ask themselves. Backpack is now the necessities of life, it is a fashion necessities, but how to distinguish the quality of the backpack, often troubled everyone, the following summary of some simple and easy way, so you easily pick their own Xinyi backpack product.

One, plastic head. Plastic head generally refers to the leather belt or bag leather cut part of the glue is generally relatively thick part of the production process in this part of the use of glue to achieve the cohesion, and good manufacturers with imported plastic, smell small, More environmentally friendly, and the other looks more transparent, generally transparent red, plastic head looks very muddy, it must not be a good product!

 Second, hardware and zipper. Hardware is an important criterion for judging the general good goods hardware bright and bright, no burrs, especially zippers, good manufacturers zipper feel pull up smooth, lubrication still a little effort. Generally good manufacturers of bags with imported glue, volatile acidic substances less, the hardware will not change color soon, genuine general hardware 1 - 2 years no obvious signs of fading, if the general manufacturers can also use the general hardware for half a year Even longer.

    Third, modeling. The so-called shape refers to each style unique bag appearance and curve shape, the higher the imitation of the bag shape the better and more close to genuine, if you have not seen the real thing, it does not matter, you can see some bags Special parts, such as: arc, sharp corners, clamshell, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional parts of the shape, provincial and so on.

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