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Men's Backpack Using Fabric
Oct 10, 2017

Men's Backpack Using fabric

Men backpack how to pay attention to maintenance

Men's backpack is a stored item with two shoulder straps. The main feature is easy to carry, the liberation of both hands. Men's backpacks are often used to go out, usually out of the sport or long-distance computer needs to use the computer bag. Men's backpack has also become a long-term use of the tool, then how should we be his maintenance?

A man backpack material and storage location

Men's backpack with fabric were canvas, Oxford cloth, nylon and leather. Nylon fabric men's backpack durable easy to care, often used to make outdoor sports type of men's backpack. Canvas texture is firm, wearable, tight and thick, and has a certain degree of waterproof, in the design of the plasticity is very strong. The leather is chemically and chemically processed by hair removal and tanning, has a resistance to corruption, and is relatively soft and supple when the weather is dry. Men's backpack is a soft material, storage place to choose dry and ventilated place, if it is placed in the cupboard can buy tide pill.

Men backpack how to pay attention to maintenance

Two men backpack clean up the problem

Men's backpack material for the canvas, nylon, PU and other fabrics. For each fabric to clean up the way. Canvas and nylon men's backpack cleaning can be a small amount of detergent, after drying can be dried. PU, PVC and other man-made leather men's backpack, if you get the dust generally wipe with a damp cloth, if it is like a clean cotton or cotton ball dipped in cleaning agent directly on the leather surface stains wipe.

Three men backpack use

1. Men's backpack is not easy to single backpack long back, to a number of backpack for back, the average extension of the life of each backpack.

2. Because men's backpack is not easy to be too heavy items. Shoulder bag made for the fabric, not put too much, too heavy things. General men's backpack can not be more than 30kg, to maintain the men's backpack shoulder strap and their own shoulders.

3. Men's backpack above the zipper and other small parts we have to clean it on time, metal parts of the accessories we can use a wet towel to wipe it, after the dry towel must be wiped or dry with a hair dryer to prevent fading The If the plastic parts, rinse directly with water on it.

4. If you are carrying out a long period of exercise, it is best not to choose a long time carrying your shoulders bag, so long for the back of your body is also bad, to try in one or two hours After the hand, and then back, work and rest to treat their own shoulders, treat their own men's backpack, you can greatly extend the life of your backpack.

Men's backpack maintenance is some basic knowledge, some regular luggage custom manufacturers in the purchase of men's backpack will be accompanied by instructions, probably will indicate some important considerations. Today, custom men's backpack often cost-effective, after-sales service will be more targeted. Men's backpack is very suitable for tourism organizations buy custom.

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