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Men's Backpack Gender Classification Of Luggage
Jun 14, 2017

Men's Backpack Gender classification of luggage

This term is the gender classification of the luggage. Gender distinctions and limited to men's aesthetics are collectively referred to as male bags. Men's suits are also one of the men's portable decorations.

For most men, although not like a woman's handbag-like colorful, accompanied by the shadow, but the package is a collection of men's career and potential ambition: a stack of thick documents, information, agreement, indicates that they Future opportunities and wealth. For women, you can at any cost to pursue Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and men of these brands have become their identity identity, taste of the symbol.

Men's bags usually have super capacity, and very functional, all the items are placed in this space was in order to be able to play well in the workplace. For those who have such a heavy weight, the men really is never tired, and not the slightest sense of cumbersome. On the needs of men on the package, in fact, as they need the same clothing, emphasizing the superior quality and design of modern. Especially the white-collar men's briefcase, always elegant texture, work well for the standard. Men in the selection of briefcase, the general will use more wearable leather, as Gothic crocodile purse, or python bag, the use of rare and noble leather, its tough, durable and luxurious quality is the main factor in the selection of men.

In the spare time, men are eager to have a simple, lightweight bags, and leisure bags, sports bag requirements are no longer just to find a bag on the shoulder so simple, seemingly ordinary special canvas, waterproof scratch Of the special fiber material, is their performance of the only personality and the best choice. For those who exaggerated men's bags, then fully demonstrated the narcissistic inner world of men, they still look forward to the different styles of bags can bring all fresh. Another point, men have been feeling contradictory, on the one hand they want the package designer is male, because you can take this to maintain the everlasting style of stability, and on the other hand hope that female designers can be added in the monotonous style Smooth, rich fashion elements.

Fashion changes are always in the seasons as a unit, bags as a key accessories and fashion experienced the evolution of style. Men's bag in the 80's is just a portable artificial leather, no sealing, simple but practical; into the 90's, gradually into a black zipper with a handbag, the material is divided into leather and leather two, but the color is black Of the mainstream; today, the men hand bag, satchel, briefcase, gradually rich from the category, the sense of subtle changes in shape. This season, fashion guru began to emphasize the bag with the visual, from color to shape, are stress with the same series of wonderful interpretation of fashion. As a result, men's luxury goods in this era has become fashionable, when the men's handprinted Logo brand package, self-confidence arises spontaneously.

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