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Men's Backpack Fabric Material
Oct 18, 2017

Men's Backpack Fabric material

Backpack is one of the frequent use of more frequently one of the types of bags, one is relatively large capacity of the backpack, more convenient for our trip, the second is the backpack can liberate our hands, so that we travel more relaxed and comfortable. So how to buy backpack? Backpack manufacturers - luggage, tell you to buy backpack need to pay attention to the three points.

First, the backpack fabric material

Fabric is the main material of making luggage, its quality is a direct impact on the quality of the backpack. The backpack factory production backpack fabric common nylon, canvas, leather and so on. Today, the choice of canvas material is relatively rare, although its wear resistance is good, but the canvas material is relatively heavy relative to nylon. Leather, especially animal leather, made out of the package texture is better, but not wear, but also consider the choice of zipper material, wear, and creative. So that the fabric is to buy backpack need to pay attention to the three points in a point. V Second, the weight of the backpack

The general leisure backpack, is not considered decompression and burden of the burden of the system, some leather class backpack, weight more than 1kg, and then put the brush umbrella, with some cosmetics, keys, wallets, IPAD like supplies, bags It is not light, so the backpack factory told you to choose the commonly used backpack, must be selected from the relatively light.

Third, bear the choice of the system

Carrying the system is to determine the comfort of the use of backpack problems, a good backpack, carrying the system is generally the weight of the bag should be reasonably assigned to the various parts of the body to prevent weight on the shoulders, so that the shoulder due to overload and damage The More professional outdoor package, will focus on carrying the system, but the market is more than 90% of the backpack is not carrying the system. Backpack factory out of this camouflage backpack, there is a reduction function, can reduce the weight of the backpack more than 50%, men particularly like, computers, mobile phones, keys, wallets, rechargeable treasure, data lines, paper towels, etc., what can Installed, back up is not heavy, work, school, travel, shopping where can back, simply invincible. Today's backpack, whether it is business or leisure models, are generally used to place laptop bags, important documents and daily items, is gradually becoming an indispensable life essential goods. With the rise of customized services luggage, many companies have to find bags manufacturers customized business backpack, disguised propaganda corporate brand image, so the quality of the backpack is very strict.

Production backpack choose what material is good? Material is the most important part of the backpack, material grade determines the durability of the entire backpack and practical degree. Application of different materials made of shoulder bag, because the fabric of the fiber structure is different, the thickness is also different, resulting in different backpack quality. Usually with cowhide material, Oxford cloth, nylon and polyester fiber, and several other common materials. In general, the economic and durable computer bag with nylon and polyester fiber material is better.

Today, many companies will choose backpacks to do gifts, generally applicable to high-end gift. Backpack manufacturers face a huge high-end gift market, often meet the needs of the market, choose nylon, leather, these two high-end materials production backpack. For now, the backpack most use nylon fabric, during which the most commonly used 600D nylon. Nylon backpack looks very stylish, the material itself has excellent strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to deformation and anti-aging, and the texture is light, can greatly reduce the burden of those who bear.

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