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Men's Backpack Application Of Different Materials
Jul 31, 2017

Men's Backpack Application of different materials

Today's backpack, whether it is business or leisure models, are generally used to place laptop bags, important documents and daily items, is gradually becoming an indispensable life essential goods. With the rise of customized services luggage, many companies have to find bags manufacturers customized business backpack, disguised propaganda corporate brand image, so the quality of the backpack is very strict.

Production backpack choose what material is good? Material is the most important part of the backpack, the material grade determines the durability of the entire backpack and practical degree. Application of different materials made of shoulder bag, because the fabric of the fiber structure is different, the thickness is different, resulting in the quality of the shoulder bag different. Usually with cowhide material, Oxford cloth, nylon and polyester fiber and other common materials. In general, economical and durable computer bags with nylon and polyester fiber material is better.

Today, many companies will choose backpacks to do gifts, generally applicable to high-end gift. Backpack manufacturers face a huge high-end gift market, often to meet the needs of the market, choose nylon, leather, these two high-end materials production backpack. For now, the backpack most use nylon fabric, during which the most commonly used 600D nylon. Nylon backpack looks very stylish, the material itself has excellent strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to deformation and anti-aging, and the texture is light, can greatly reduce the burden of those who bear.

Package in accordance with the modeling style and use of classification are: life package (leisure package, fashion bag, banquet evening bag, tube bag, Di Bao, pockets, beach bags, cosmetic bags, wallets), business and professional package (ladies package , Men's bags, briefcases), sports and travel packages, special packages (student bags, computer bags, camera bags, cell phone bags, key cases), creative packages and so on.

1, leisure package

Leisure package is used with a combination of casual wear package: divided into handbags, shoulder bags, bags, backpacks and cable packages and other types, with a convenient style of style, is now the most widely used bag type. Leisure package in the shape of the choice of semi-hard and software design, more models, a variety of shapes and different switching design. The structure of a plane segmentation, three-dimensional fold, weaving and other forms of expression. Color change rich, single color or multi-color combination design color scheme can be selected. Most of the materials used soft leather or soft cloth. Bags and corners by the additional decorative patterns and a variety of exquisite accessories, to create a free, lively and casual atmosphere.

2, fashion package

Fashion bags are designed for fashion, with a strong epidemic and timeliness, in the application of modeling and materials, emphasizing the trendy and trendy, and sometimes because of the material and the popularity of the general case of fashion package shape and materials Selection and fashion dress style consistent. Fashion package to a simple square-based, through the on-chip division, pattern patterns and decorative accessories and other forms and appropriate with some soft features of the curve of the design elements of women. Color design mostly monochrome, such as black, brown and red, etc., according to the color of the popular color card design. Fashion bags in the choice of materials to more natural leather and synthetic leather, through the water, open edge, barbed flowers and other processes to form a variety of different effects of color varieties. Modern women have better economic ability, is the mainstream of shopping consumption, designers should vote for their own, the bag design to give the charm of thousands of flowers, so that it is as changing clothing as exciting.

3, banquet, evening bag

Banquet, evening dress is more decorative than the practical, usually for women's formal social occasions, such as dinners, receptions and so on. This type of bag, thin and small, the surface with artificial beads, metal, embroidery patterns, lace and wire and other decoration.

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