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Laptop Backpack Waterproof Material
Oct 10, 2017

Laptop Backpack Waterproof material

You have not thought of a beloved notebook to find a comfortable home, do you know what to choose the computer backpack should pay attention to what place? Now the market, the types of computer backpack dazzling, want to pick a suitable computer backpack, really Not an easy thing. But do not be afraid, luggage to tell you some tips on the selection of computer backpack.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a computer backpack?

First, waterproof. The minimum requirement for computer backpacks is waterproof, which requires the use of a waterproof material for the compartment of the notebook.

Second, shock. Computer backpack compartment must have a thickness, so as to not deformation, but also to play a better role in shock.

Third, comfortable. Notebook is a certain weight, if the choice of the computer backpack straps thin and narrow, then the back will be very uncomfortable.

It is very common in our real life, such as some shoes, backpacks, hats, etc., but generally rarely care about the quality of its buckle, but the buckle Used in the luggage, is very focused on its quality, not only its design, more of its material capacity. To test the ability of the luggage buckle, then you need to test several aspects of the force situation.

Luggage buckle

First, the tensile test

This tension test buckle bearing force is through the instant tension and long-lasting tension of these two test methods, the instant tension is the strength of the test buckle, durable tension is the length of the test buckle bear.

Second, the temperature test

Temperature test is mainly in the high temperature and low temperature test under the two states, this is mainly to test the ability to withstand the buckle.

Third, salt spray test

This test is mainly to detect the buckle of the saliva, check whether the luggage buckle for maritime transport.

Introduction to some of the small knowledge of the maintenance of the bag. The following content is provided by you.

1. accidentally let the bag stained with oil, first with a soft cloth (such as scrub glasses with the cloth) scrub the oil, and then wash the liquid from scratch scrub, pay attention must be gentle.

2. more dust, the use of cleaning cream scrub, so you can reach a new effect. However, after cleaning, it is necessary to carefully scrub with a dry cloth.

3. When the bag sprinkled with beer, soda, coffee, etc., with a soft cloth dipped in warm water scrub, and then scrub with low concentration of detergent water.

4. The best bag can be a week to a large cleaning, the soft cotton or velvet wiped with water wring dry after scrubbing.

5. Once a month the fresh milk and water by one by one share of the mix, with a soft cloth dipped in the mixture scrub. This method can not only effectively remove the dust, but also help to extend the life of leather. Points: the future must use a clean cloth clean, or very easy to become smelly.

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