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Laptop Backpack The Basic Knowledge Of Luggage Fabrics Are Those
Jul 31, 2017

Laptop Backpack The basic knowledge of luggage fabrics are those

The basic knowledge of luggage fabrics are those

Polyester, also known as polyester fiber

English name: POLYESTER, is characterized by a good permeability and moisture, while the acidity, UV resistance is relatively strong. Can be used to do sports backpack, student backpack, cosmetic bag and so on

Spandex, also known as telescopic nylon

English name SPANDEX, the advantage is a high elasticity and high flexibility and better recovery. Generally as long as the use of 2% can improve the fabric's sense of movement, drape and maintainability. Of course, its weakness is weak alkali resistance; case of chlorine or ultraviolet light after the yellow and brittle. Poor heat resistance. Often used as auxiliary materials and other materials blended together. Many luggage factory to them as a sports backpack, student backpacks, cosmetic bags and other luggage products dressings

Three nylon also known as nylon

English name Nylon, Chinese meaning: polyamide fiber. Advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and good resistance to deformation, anti-aging. The disadvantage is that the feel is hard. Luggage factory can be used to do low-grade sports backpack, student backpack, cosmetic bag material

Backpack fabric for the importance of the overall bag, shoulder backpack fabric appearance of the overall effect of the impact is very obvious, it is generated by the perception of the fashionable luggage fabric style, so master some knowledge of luggage fabric identification is very necessary The

The following is about the shoulder bag fabric identification points to share

1, gloss: high gloss or no gloss, in addition to its shape, color, but also to see it in the bulb, glass windows and other light source under the image, the strength of gloss for the amount of gloss. According to the fabric feel good or bad can distinguish between the fabric, this is known as the quality of glossy. Strong glossy fabric is not necessarily a good sense of gloss., Different fabric gloss will be different.

2, texture: feel the consumer is the most direct and simple way to identify the fabric quality, good fabric feel are very delicate, visual inspection is mainly to see whether the fabric is smooth, the surface is uniform and soft, work is meticulous, feel through the mold, pinch , Grasping and other actions to identify the fabric surface softness, fullness, flexibility, etc., feels very warm and comfortable not wear a hand, when the suspension will use the natural drape

3, the weight: a good bag of fabric weight generally light, modern mainstream luggage fabric, both light both fashion style, even if the wool is not particularly heavy.

4, reductive: good luggage fabric itself, there is a very good flexibility and reductive, comfortable fabric, hand rub together can be reduced to flat, no folds.

5, the value: can refer to the wool fiber diameter micron number, the smaller the value the better. Fabric starting from 14 microns, the top fabric can reach 11 points a few microns. 

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