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Laptop Backpack Period Of Use
Jul 13, 2017

Laptop Backpack Period of use

Canvas backpack Although not as leather bag so delicate, but still need to pay attention to some small details of maintenance can extend the life of canvas backpack. We have not long before the purchase of the backpack, the first washing time, you can add white vinegar and salt in the water, the bag soaked about half an hour, and then washed with water, so you can prevent the baby fade, in the wash process, Warm water can be cleaned to keep the bag feel. In the course of the use of canvas bag, if only the general defacement, there is no special stains, then we try not to use or less detergent, can be directly into the bag bag, wash with a brush, scrub like. Cotton canvas bag washing easy to fade, do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent. If you accidentally stained with grease, you can put some detergent to clean.

For the pattern of canvas backpack maintenance should pay attention to, because the pattern of the bag will generally have a variety of colors, if the cleaning time do not pay attention to some of the details, it is prone to string color. So in the cleaning process, it is best to use a soft cleaning agent to clean, such as: shampoo and gold spinning and the like softener, the most important thing is to prevent the alkaline lotion damage to the cloth part of the proposed clean The cotton cloth scrubs the surface. In the final part of the dry is also very important, it is best to use dry or dry way to dry, drying time to turn out the cloth, this is to prevent the process of drying the bag surface damage, do not let Sun exposure, or it is easy to fade and the canvas shoulder bag texture broken!

The above is the grace of science and technology to bring you canvas backpack maintenance of some small common sense backpack can be installed a lot of things, back up is also very easy to use, is also very convenient, but whether your shoulders backpack custom is expensive, long time will use Resulting in damage to the backpack, this time backpack on the need for maintenance, the following grace technology to tell you about the backpack of the maintenance of common sense. 1, do not always carrying, if you are a long exercise, it is best not to choose a long time carrying your shoulders bag, and must, so long for the back of your body is also bad, to Try to be in one or two hours after the hand, and then back, so work together to treat your package, you can greatly extend the life of your backpack.

2, try to avoid a large degree of friction, in the use of the process, will inevitably encounter some wear and tear, here is not to say that can not wear, but as far as possible to reduce the wear and tear to bring you damage, to do less wear and more care. Try to avoid the friction or the surface is not smooth to use the place, if you must use, but also to stay more than one mind, the situation must do not have a positive friction Oh

3, often make your bag to see the sun, do not always put inside the house without outdoor sports Oh. There is no sunshine of the moisture, your bag may appear moldy situation, but also there will be some smell, people feel very uncomfortable smell, not to mention you have to carry it, so it may take some time Take your love bag out for a sunbathing, give it a little sunshine?

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