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Laptop Backpack Of The Buying Skills
May 27, 2017

  Laptop Backpack The so-called liner package, that is, with ordinary notebook outsourcing, such as backpack (backpack), handbag (handbag), and so different; outsourcing focus on carrying function, Heiner rivers, which can be all-inclusive; and liner package is focused on protection; The equivalent of beautiful jacket and underwear; all liner packages are not uniform size, should be in accordance with the size of the notebook to build, production! Even if the same size, but also because the notebook brand inconsistencies caused by a slight difference in size, such as the same 14.1-inch laptop bag, Lenovo or BENQ thickness than DELL 0.5-1.0 centimeters or so, in general, If you decide to buy a laptop liner package, you need to make their own love machine in advance to make a "measurements" to know the exact length and width, and then buy will be prepared.

  Laptop Backpack First smell smell. If a liner pack in front of you, first of all you feel is the pungent taste, that this package you still try not to touch, because the volatile smell contains acetaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substances The Brand liner package is only with a touch of rubber taste, and it is best to pick the material after SGS and ITS double test certification brand liner package. After the SGS and ITS dual test certification of the product can definitely guarantee the health of consumers

  The second look pull the head, the brand liner package from the design of the very user-friendly, all aspects will be taken into account, pull the head is the product of the consumer package most frequently used parts, brand liner package manufacturers will be specifically customized with Manufacturers LOGO pull the head, while the pull in the head to do some of the friction to increase the process, in the pull when the feel very comfortable.

And low-end liner package, the vast majority of the use of the slider are low-grade hard plastic paint, long time not only the surface of the paint, and its pull resistance is greater, there are lazy situation, long-term use, then pull the head Will be damaged off.

  The third look at the quality of work, liner bag suture is also an important criterion for the quality of the liner package, good quality workmanship liner product stitching is very smooth, no thread, no run, even if long-term use, it will not appear Disconnected from the line

  Laptop Backpack Low-grade products in the workmanship is very rough, not only the place where the stitch out of the line and run the stitching lax situation, and some places even sewing half of the leakage half, how can this guarantee your laptop's safety?

The fourth look at printing, pattern printing is a test of the product process is an important indicator. Brand liner package above the pattern of the product through a special process of printing, the color attached to a solid, not easy to fall off, but will not fade, colored parts slightly uplift, feel very comfortable.

Low-end products in order to save costs, the use of general paint, color bleak, a printing, the printing effect of poor adhesion, it is easy to fall off.

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