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Laptop Backpack Depending On The Material
Sep 05, 2017

Laptop Backpack Depending on the material

Currently on the market popular backpack material are mostly nylon, Oxford, canvas, more extravagant is the cowhide crocodile skin and the like, the general backpack is the material is 168D double shares of the fabric, be more moderate The leather of the waterproof, canvas wear. Everything is good. There are canvas, 600D Oxford cloth can be considered more commonly used materials, and 210 and

190T and the like are mainly used for relatively simple bundle pocket type backpack. Which PVC, PU material also, but the cost of PU leather than PVC to high, the saying goes, "high cost low life" so now the enterprise is generally selected PVC rather than PU, shoulder bag definition

Shoulder bag (also called backpack) is the back of the backpack in the back of the collectively. With easy to carry, the liberation of both hands, light weight, wear and other characteristics, to provide a convenient to go out;

Shoulder bag classification

First, according to the different purposes of the shoulder bag is divided into different, shoulders computer backpack, shoulders backpack, shoulders casual backpack, shoulders bag and bundle rope package, military backpack, mountaineering bag and so on.

Second, according to the different materials will become a canvas bag, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bag.

   A wide range of computer bags, shoulder computer bag is one of them, a good shoulder computer bag, with a certain amount of technology. In the identification of good or bad, you can follow some of the points, generally good shoulder computer bags have the same elements, master these elements can easily identify the computer bag good and bad. What is the check for that?

Three points:

Whether it is shockproof

2. whether it has a water repellent function;

3. whether to prevent wear;

       First of all from the use of materials to identify the general computer bag will use nylon as a fabric, because the nylon material is very strong and durable. Nylon is also divided into several kinds, the best backpack is the use of 1680D nylon material. Appearance is important, but the cloth is also can not be ignored, 410D nylon than 210D nylon lining more solid and durable. Followed by the zipper, which is a crucial factor in determining a good or bad backpack, the best is the waterproof zipper, can greatly enhance its waterproof performance. Finally, according to the work of the backpack, good material may not be able to make a good backpack, but also need to have fine workmanship, can not have jumper, thread, cloth to smooth.

Computer bag whether it is backpack, shoulder bag or bag, check the computer backpack strap is very necessary. The buckle is a small detail of the shoulders of the shoulders, which, while providing the ruggedness, also makes the shoulder and shoulder strap have a breathable layer that gives the user a more comfortable effect when backing the backpack. If it is necessary to carry a long time to carry computer bag activities, it is necessary to pay attention to this point.

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