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Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Preview
May 11, 2018

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Background

The Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit is an e-cigarette from the vape mod specialists of Kanger that is meant to be an introduction to sub-ohm vaping for new users. They want it to serve as a stopgap between a simple e-cigarette and a more advanced vape mod. Does it manage to do that or does it end up falling between two stools?

You'll find out in the full Kanger K-Pin Mini Kit review but in this preview I’ll give you a quick overview of what to expect from this e-cigarette. I’ll give you an impression of its size, functionality, and design but for all the performance details you’ll have to wait for the full review. Until then, let’s get the Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit preview started!

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Contents

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit

1 SSOCC (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil) atomizer head

USB cable

Key Features of the Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit

Compatible w/ e-liquids

Extendable mouthpiece

Highly portable

Simple top fill design

Long battery life

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Design

The K-PIN Mini is 22 mm in diameter and is tiny enough to comfortably fit in the hand of practically any user. It has a 2 mL capacity and a 1500 mAh battery that can last for nearly two hours before it needs recharging. It features a unique telescoping mouthpiece that’s convenient for those used to e-cigs but experienced vape modders might not like it. The reason is that it’s not 510 compatible so they won’t be able to switch it out with another compatible mouthpiece.

The one button design is very beginner-friendly but advanced vape-mod users will not like the lack of control over the voltage settings. They won’t like the lack of airflow control either. They will like that this device uses Kanger’s popular SSOCC (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil) atomizer. Overall, the Kanger K-PIN Mini is geared more towards vape mod beginners than advanced users.

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Performance and Vapor Quality

We’ll let you know how the Kanger K-PIN performs when we are through testing, which should be any day now. I can give you a hint: you cloud chasers are going to be really happy.

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Preview: Conclusion

The Kanger K-PIN Mini is looking like a good starter vape for vape mod novices interested in the huge vapor clouds produced from sub-ohm vaping. It doesn’t look like it will challenge the Best Vape Mods or the Best E-cigarettes but it’s not meant to.

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