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E Cigarette Mods Explained
May 05, 2018

E Cigarette Mods Explained

First you had to learn a whole new language that included words like vaping and e juice and now you need to know what an e cigarette mod is, and what the different abbreviations all stand for! Mod,

obviously short for modification can refer to the actual e cigarette or personal vaporiser (PV), the mechanical mod (MM) that refers to altering the devices mechanics or the variable voltage (VV) that relates to adjusting voltages.

Why would you mod an e cigarette?

A valid question, and one perhaps that the average vaper wouldn’t bother with, but there are millions of those who enjoy vaping and have turned it into an art form, and modding their devices allows them to maximise their experience and have fun at the same time. Initially modders adjusted their e cigarettes to enhance their performance and often fun or artistic additions were added to the devices to personalise or customise them.

These modders led the way for e cigarette companies to expand their brands and there are now a number of entities selling mods for a variety of different reasons.

There are many different variations of mod themes and there have been some truly unique vaping devices created by the most talented modders.

Essentially there are 2 primary styles of modding, the tube and the box. The box is, predictably box-shaped and the tube is tubular, but often has a pipe or similar fixture on the end. These two primary styles form the base of almost every mod.

Mechanical mods refer to when devices inner workings have all been mechanised and there are no electronic components remaining in the e cigarettes. Mechanical mods all use mechanical switches and a metal contact will complete the circuit, which in turn provides power to heat the coil and release vapour. As the battery drains the mechanical mod may be directly affected and these mods are often used for short, intense vaping sessions

.Variable voltage mods allow the user to adjust voltages to allow the vaper to match voltage to the desired attached hardware.

This is a relatively complex mod but the results, which are a bit mathematical to work out, allow for the dialling of any level of vaping experience desired. Personal vaporiser mods are essentially any mod you make to an electronic device, be it VV or MM or even aesthetic. In addition to enhancing performance they can also enhance the devices aesthetics and steam punk style e cigarettes, classical pipe devices and other interesting box and tube mods have been spotted.

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