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Is DIY E-liquid A Bad Idea?
May 05, 2018

E-liquid is an essential part of vaping. This flavoured liquid makes the whole experience possible and is central to the enjoyment vapers have when using their device.

From the variety of flavours to the different strengths of nicotine, there is an e-liquid designed to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences; in addition, vapers can chop and change whenever they desire.

E-liquid options

With so many delicious flavoured e-liquids now available on the market, vapers are not restricted to tobacco tastes; instead, they can choose from sweet, savoury, minty or even exotic alcohol flavoured liquids.

The viscosity of a liquid can also be chosen, with opting for varying PG and VG mixes resulting in a different sensation and enabling cloud chasers to really get their fix. Similarly, different levels of nicotine are available in e-liquids and you can choose how strong or how mild a vape you prefer.


With so many different e-liquid options available, a new and rather concerning trend has emerged: people using e-cigarettes have started to create their own e-liquids and are manufacturing them at home.

This raises a number of concerns. When you consider these, it is easy to see why purchasing a store-bought e-liquid is the best idea and that DIY should be avoided at all costs.


E-liquids should be made under controlled conditions by those who understand their chemical composition and the dangers of an incorrect mix. E-liquid contains nicotine, which in large doses can make you ill; in addition, it can burn your skin on contact. It can even be lethal in a worst-case scenario, with an incorrect mixture potentially leading to a fatality.

Experts who understand exactly what balance of chemicals is required should create e-liquids. It is impossible and potentially dangerous to replicate recipes at home and it is certainly an activity best left to the professionals.


In addition to being potentially dangerous, DIY liquids can completely negate the point of enjoying nicotine in a safer, cleaner way. If you make your own e-liquid, you won’t be able to replicate the sterile conditions of a manufacturing plant and also run the risk of ruining a flavour’s integrity or creating a batch of liquid that doesn’t taste great.

With so many exceptional e-liquids already available, there is no need to try making your own. When it comes to DIY e-liquids, as they say in the classics, don’t try this at home!

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