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Vape E-Cigarette-a hi-tech alternative to the traditional cigarette
May 08, 2018

With it becoming harder and harder to simply light up a cigarette inside, it was only a matter of time before someone, somewhere directed some of the energy that’s gone in to the incredible technological developments we have seen over the last few years and created a hi-tech cigarette that has the same effect as a traditional one, and can be enjoyed just about anywhere

.E cigarettes and vaping have allowed those who need a nicotine fix to enjoy one in just about any environment and for the first time in years you can even ‘smoke’ on a plane or in your office.

Vaping has become the next best thing to traditional cigarettes and this new style of smoking is actually healthier, cleaner and far tastier than ever experienced before.

An e cigarette is a small cigarette-shaped device that is powered by a battery and contains a vaporiser filled with a few drops of e liquid that allows the user to ‘smoke’ or ‘vape’ just about anywhere.

Gone are the days of chewing vile tasting gum whilst flying, having to stand in the freezing cold or walking for miles to find a smoke-friendly designated zone, vaping now allows for you to enjoy a cigarette almost anywhere.

The e cigarette has changed millions of smokers lives for the better, and not only does the device offer a less chemical intensive nicotine hit, it also does not have that awful, lingering cigarette smell that seems to permeate smokers clothes and hair after just a few drags.

Instead, e cigarettes offer smokers a massive selection of delicious smelling, flavoured e liquids that can be added to their cigarette to enhance the flavour and make smoking even more pleasant.

You’ll find just about every flavour on the market and you can change your tastes as you desire.

If you're in the mood for cherry, watermelon, citrus or other fruity flavours you simply add them to your e cigarette using e liquiddrops, and if you prefer a more sophisticated Kahlua or Cappuccino flavour you simply switch as you desire.

Now, no one can tell you that your cigarette smells bad; it just might make them hungry if they get a whiff of the flavoured vapours!

Thanks to advanced technology and the creation of the e cigarette, you will no longer have smoker’s breath, your clothes won’t smell of cigarette smoke and you shouldn’t have any complaints when kissing non-smokers!

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