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Top tips for keeping your e-cigarette and e-liquid in good condition
May 05, 2018

e-cigarettes are electrical devices and need to be treated accordingly to remain in tiptop condition. The same goes for e-liquids. By looking after them, you can ensure a quality vaping experience.

These dos and don’ts will ensure you always enjoy a satisfying vape and that you get the most out of your device and liquid.

Avoid dry hit

When your e-liquid is too low, you will have what is known as a dry hit. Not only does this taste awful but also it is not good for your e-cigarette. Always keep tabs on the level of your e-liquid and ensure that you don’t burn your atomiser out.

Avoid floods

It is also important that you avoid the opposite of a dry hit. If you overfill the tank or clearomiser, you can cause a flood and you will need to clean your device properly to ensure it remains in perfect working order.

Keep battery terminals clean

A dirty e cig battery terminal can have a negative effect on your e-cigarette’s performance; therefore, it is essential that you keep it clean. You can use a cotton bud to clean your terminal and keep it performing at its optimum.

Keep your atomiser and clearomiser clean

You can extend the life of your e-cigarette considerably by keeping both your clearomiser and atomiser clean. You will also be able to enjoy a better-tasting, smoother vaping experience if your device is kept clean. If you are worried about washing out your e-cigarette and it not drying, you can pop it in a bowl of rice overnight to absorb any excess moisture.

Store your e-cigarette correctly

Your e-cigarette has air holes that draw in air when you vape, which need to be kept open. If you store your e-cigarette on its side or upside-down, the e-liquid may flow out of these holes and make a mess. It is also essential that you store your e-cigarette away from direct sunlight and that you don’t use any chargers not specifically designed for it.

Store your e-liquid correctly

E-liquid also needs to be stored correctly. It is suggested that you keep it at room temperature and never expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time. The PG and VG can deteriorate if not stored correctly, which can affect your vaping experience.

Use these tips to keep your e-cigarette and e-liquid in tiptop shape and you will enjoy a satisfying vape every time!

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