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The difference between climbing packs and bags
Oct 22, 2016

First we apply a way to say, backpacks must be back, because when we were climbing the impossible and then empty bag in one hand, it must be carried. Bags are not the same, since it is a trip, it would have to be compared with nature, not only can carry back tired mobile can also be used. It also is in line with their nature.

Followed us from both its capacity and experience, mountaineering package volume has two, a large backpack capacity 50--80 litres; the other is 20--35 litres in size small backpack, also known as "surprise package". Great climbing Pack is mainly used for climbing mountaineering material for transport, small backpacks are generally used for high-altitude climb or attack. Hiking special backpack is to cope with the extreme conditions, production of sophisticated and unique, elongated, designed according to the body's natural curves in the back of the package so that enclaves close to the man's back in order to relieve pressure on straps on the shoulders. These packs are waterproof, will not leak even in heavy rain. In addition, hiking packages except for hiking and other adventure sports (rafting, walking through the desert, etc) and long trips are also widely used. Travel bag for backpacks, there are no requirements, just like said before, compared with, you might want to focus more on appearance than climbing package. This is what we have to say.

And we from the appearance of the two bags to illustrate, hiking packages focus on customer experience and good comfort, so to achieve this effect, package designs for sure is to sacrifice, and hiking up the appearance of the Pack often had traveling bags look so good.

Finally we'll structure between the two packages, bags positive through the zipper opening, very conducive to handling things, since we are traveling both camera phones and the other is more, so the packet structure is slightly more complicated, may need to be separated of daily necessities, so more bags checked. Climbing bags arrived, plaid is much of the problem, and Plaid, or are likely to cause more lost items in the mountain, and hiking up the top cover is usually from the top of the package the package within the items into a bag.

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