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Structure Analysis Of Handbags
Nov 09, 2016

Structure analysis of handbags: handbags are such a common structure: front, back, Tai Wai; left piece, the right piece, Tai Wai; front, and back, at the end of these three basic components. Some handbags, Qian site by several block mix, nines of raw materials merged and into, Qian site front also loaded Shang plane or stereo of Qian outside bags; Hou site also loaded Hou bags; big surrounding and separate end of surrounding and zipper surrounding, big surrounding sides loaded Shang symmetric of two a side bags, according to consumers of uses, in above three big basic constitute components yiwai of component Shang increases or decreases, makes handbags of overall styling changes distress, complex range. However, no matter how complex handbags, have only increased in particular workload, without adding any special technical difficulty. Handbag design changes to the handbag structural similarities.

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