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Leather processing plants must have several package types
Oct 22, 2016

A good leather bag factory is good at doing all types of bags, note that not only is able to do, and can do very well. Today several package types listed, is as a professional leather processing plants must be mastered.

Large leather bag in the first paragraph, this package seems simple, but knowledgeable bag charm factory knows the more simple products made to be more difficult. Second, chain bag, this is the classic fashion, many customers will require a bag factory OEM. Third, clutch bag, with an elegant clutch bag makes women more attractive. Finally, shoulder bags, over the last two years, fashion has a very obvious sense, backpack is more and more fashionable and beautiful, the star have to shoulder bags as cheats occurs by age.

This four pack is leather processing plants must have a basic package, and professional and common difference is that one can do, another can do very well. Bag factory investigated take more than four packages which do better.

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