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Leather Maintenance Of Common Sense
Nov 09, 2016

Kindness can be a bad thing, maintenance of leather, too, if you mistakenly use coarse cleaners, powder detergents or organic cleaning solutions, and so on, will cause varying degrees of damage to the leather. In General, routine cleaning with a mild soap solution is sufficient (with a cloth moistened sponge into, do not use leather cleaning soak in water).

Reminds you to find leather cleaner on the market effect is also very good, and contain lubricant, you can maintain the softness of the leather itself. Stubborn dirt you might want to use a mild cleaner to deal with, or the need for professional cleaning.

If the leather has wear, you can coat oily colorless leather care cream, let it slowly back, and then Polish with a clean soft cloth, leather can be reproduced bright luster, can also prevent the leather dry.

No matter which one you choose leather products, leather care for you more than secret, will be able to bring your heart love remains the most beautiful face, with your cool on the road, show attractive style.

Even the most beautiful leather products will not be set aside for people to watch, we also need for them every day: simply put daily, as well as our journey all over the world, whether it be shoes, leather accessories, bags, travel bags, leather gloves are worn.

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