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Kit customization needs to pay attention to some problems
Oct 22, 2016

1, the price budget

Before looking for manufacturers, we'd better be sure of your price range, such as prices of between 20 to 30 yuan, the price range, the smaller the better, so that Kit manufacturers would choose according to your budget to give you the right kind of fabric, and give you more and more precise recommendations.

Number 2, custom

We all know that custom class is generally need to have a certain quantity of the product can only be implemented, and now the whole kit custom order is generally 500, find manufacturers custom make Kit usually requires the need to reach a certain number, and lots of Kit manufacturers quote is set according to the number, the greater the number, the more favorable price.

3, and other special requirements.

Each kit may not be the same for industry, have put a number of specific tools, such as drill, this kit requires a bag itself must be very wear-resistant and durable, such as custom engineered equipment, this kit must be lined or even inside the exclusive position of the instruments. Kit is often required to meet the special needs of specific industry, you must inform the manufacturer of your specific needs, so that manufacturers design according to your requirements. When necessary, you can give me your tool manufacturers a set in the past, this more foolproof.

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