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Handbag Making
Nov 09, 2016

Handbags manufacturing process has the following aspects:

(1) handbag design. Hand-drawn or computer design.

(2) in particular. Figure out the designed handbags.

(3) model. Make handbag kind of templates.

(4) plans to produce. Accounted for production orders, production cost, schedule production time, scheduled delivery.

(5) preparation: according to the planned purchase of needed materials.

(6) warehouses: warehouse material as planned.

(7) material: punch ingredients, ingredients that open, open, open care gel, sponge, that open open paper, miscellaneous accessories, edge, such as open.

(8) the scoop: as source for the shovel, spade, shovel, angle shovel, etc.

(9) rubber: amengniya, powder glue, adhesive, etc.

(10) pressure mark (the flower): Gao Ji, mark roller and so on.

(11) embroidery printing: embroidery machine, machine, screen printing, and so on.

(12) the Organization has opened and the pressure groups, printed, embroidered materials issued.

(13) table: picking, check, fold, folding machine, sliding bamboo, hand, playing Ecuador, position dip, bottom, sleeve pockets, trim, etc.

(14) according to the production requirements of various pieces for sewing techniques are combined.

(15) the fittings binding: mounting hardware, accessories, etc.

(16) acceptance: acceptance of semi-finished products and finished products inspection, inspection and acceptance.

(17) packing: acceptance of product into supporting the package.

(18) the inspection and delivery: checks the customer acceptance of goods. After passing the confirmed delivery.

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