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Handbag Constitutes A Component Shape Analysis
Nov 09, 2016

Handbag constitutes a component shape analysis: bag members (referred to as members) shapes, rectangle, square, triangle, trapezoid, Rhombus, circle, ellipse, polygon, which we call rules shape; there are convex, concave shape, consisting of several shapes mixed mixed, as well as other difficult shapes to named, we call it irregular. Proposed rule component shapes, or contact your mathematical knowledge. Rectangle, simply measure the length and width, its shape; a square with side length setting; under the ladder over, base and height setting; pyramid with two diagonal shape; circle to diameter or RADIUS setting; with large and small diameter of the ellipse shape. For those who are not regular shapes, coordinates the statutory form, the shape though a variety of handbag components, but it also has the following characteristics: 1, is graphic. 2, are mostly symmetrical shapes.

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