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Computer bag made need to have four functions
Oct 22, 2016

1. decorative: many computer manufacturers in brains from time to time, get rid of it! will be a single style and print to a colorful new design and printing company logo, I believe that work is the focus of a dramatic, but also good time to brand.

2. waterproof: waterproof function, accuracy refers to the splash-proof function, at the time of travel, travel, computer bag, can effectively prevent rain, moisture and other damage to the tablets; rather like other manufacturers boast can be soaked in water for several hours, computers were unscathed! waterproof function should be waterproof fiber, wetsuit fabric.

3. wear protection: often use computers as we all know, beautiful flat computer casings, rendered shortly after using paint, scratches and so on; in particular, particularly evident in the two corners on the front of the computer. If you just use a computer, the problem is solved.

4. shock-proof: the love machine accidentally crashed or dropped on the floor, laptop bag can be effective in reducing collisions on the cause of injury, it is laptop bag the material nature of the material as possible, shock the better. Shockproof function low-dismissed against polyurethane should be good.

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