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Can be customized for corporate backpack of three types
Oct 22, 2016

Fashion backpack

Fashion shoulder bag is used primarily for women, mostly made up of PU material, made of canvas fabric, size small, PU fabric bag is often used in place of ladies going out will bring handbags, canvas fabric backpack for students ' favorite, as a school bag. Stylish backpack for casual ladies go out carrying. Fashion backpack portable, completely hands free, Ms are also well suited for use in an informal setting, customized to adapt to women as the main customer enterprise.

Second, Sport Backpack

Sport is jumping on the backpack design, color is bright. Leading sports brand Nike, adidas, Li Ning, hongxing Polk, launched every year a large number of new fashion shoulder bags, a tide male tide girls sought after around 20 years old. Sport Backpack in the material and workmanship as different functions varies in quality. Some brands of Backpack on the fabric and style innovation, functionality has been extended, outdoor backpack with waterproof function. Sport Backpack used more so in life, so a lot of companies will make sport backpack made promotional gifts and gifts of employee benefits.

Custom backpack which classification

Three, double shoulder bag

Global computer giant HTTP in the last century 80 's that launched the world's first double shoulder bag, as a result of the shock-proof protection materials, plus special ergonomic design and unique reinforcement technology, extremely solid and durable, is most welcome. Computer backpack not only computer-specific earthquake protection compartment, there is considerable room for luggage and other small objects. With the universality of laptop bags, almost many packs will contain a computer and computer backpack is no longer holds a computer, it is a good out of Office backpacks. Computer backpack custom casual computer packages and business computer bag in two styles, and companies are often customised business laptop bag as business gifts to clients and partners, both functional and not excessive consumption, give customers a good impression.

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