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Backpack in the core of the design should pay attention to when two points
Oct 22, 2016

1. backpack is designed to focus on practical value

Backpack is designed to have a certain practical value, first point is customized according to the requirements of the design, the second is the design of their idea, combined with the rationality of the design, to design a product is special and can play a role. If a backpack it look pretty but with quality problems occur after a period of time, or design idea cannot be realized, that no one uses it, it will have to face the fate of being eliminated.

2. the backpack design style must be consistent with the client's corporate culture

Backpack style design, this is the test designer of creative thinking, cultural identity, logo designers from the customer's enterprise features and use of the product, tailored to our design needs required to fit the corporate image and style.

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