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Backpack custom you may encounter the following problem
Oct 22, 2016

Low price and high price of tangled

Many buyers find backpack manufacturers tend to take pictures of each other, first of all, let the other quote. But each manufacturer's quotes are not the same, and most buyers will begin grappling with various suppliers offer, finally, of course, suffer from "select difficulty." The saying goes "a penny a minute" while both low cost and good quality, is certainly not the reality. Make offer, I will have a clear position, stepped into the "low-price trap".

Second, do not know each other are factory or trading company

Now is the era of Internet information, we rely more and more on the network, is used by the network to find luggage manufacturer. However, whether factory or trading companies, online say they are experienced production factories. In fact, want to know each other in a factory or trading companies are very simple. If the two sides in the same city, would have a direct door-to-door interviews. If not convenient to interview, then you can look each other in the registered capital, only hundreds of thousands of registered capital cannot be manufacturers.

Three, do not know each other is not a professional

On the Internet when looking for a backpack manufacturer, if not professional procurement staff will not judge each other, that it is inevitable to take large losses. Look really unprofessional, can ask about the details, and make an inquiry. If the other side is impatient mood, then don't expect to have any good service. In General, professional backpack manufacturers require operational staff listened carefully to our customers ' needs, and then give customers a reasonable proposal.

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