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Backpack custom classification
Oct 22, 2016

We all know whether it is a backpack or shoulder bag, it's nothing more than to hold things, what exactly is that thing? This is the key to distinguish backpack type, of course, distinguish the appearance factors, backpack, we include detailed instructions.

First, business backpack

Business type double shoulder backpack, from literally Shang we on can see such of double shoulder backpack main for business occasions, like employees travel, business negotiations back file or computer, such of double shoulder backpack main is for loaded notebook computer and file of, so must requirements has notebook computer bags, and to solemn, General such of double shoulder backpack of appearance are is compared simple, not has many pattern.

Second, casual backpack

Leisure double shoulder backpack, this General for daily, like out leisure, according to such of nature we can judge out leisure double shoulder packaging of General are is some commodity, like phone, smoke, wallet, lighter and water or tissue like of things, such of double shoulder backpack, internal of lattice General compared more, main for placed daily in the of essential products, appearance belongs to neutral, between business and movement type double shoulder package Zhijian.

Three, outdoor sports backpack

Outdoor sports backpack with the leisure of a little similar to difference appearance of outdoor sports backpack, going to do outdoor activities in order to meet the mood, outdoor backpack designs tend to be more assertive, more tricks, but the most important is the product structure is relatively simple, can hold.

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