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2017 Which Colors Will Pop
Nov 09, 2016

With a rain from Typhoon 21st, walking feet in autumn and winter, many women bags factory from the just-concluded New York fashion week insight 2017 of popular colors, allow us to feel down years of Spring Street.

Not hard to find: high saturation colors has become the eye color, the fashion industry will bid farewell to last year's water blue and pale pink Gong Ju world of fully ushered in the glitzy candy wind. Partial gray of Niagara blue, and Primrose of light yellow (Primrose Yellow), and days cyan (Lapis Blue) is hot Qian three name, second also has flame red (Flame), and island blue (Island Paradise), and meat pink (Pale Dogwood), and tender green (Greenery), and Europe Grasshopper grass powder (Pink Yarrow), and feather clothing cabbage green (Kale) and Hazel fruit Brown (Hazelnut).

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